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released September 15, 2015




2094 Erfurt, Germany

The music collective 2094 (Erfurt, Germany) consists of M. Jung aka Juwel Präz, D. Blaa aka Klangchaos and V. Blume aka Elektra.
Their Style can be described as a mixture of ambient, electro and electro-pop.
2094 have recently finished their first album ‘2094’ and are currently working on parts for their second album and other single pieces.
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Track Name: Silence
I was walking along a muddy pathway
And you beside me started to swear
At religion, the rain and the past
Just please shut up or stop talking so fast

Sometimes I feel silence is the best
One wrong word can create so much mess
My thoughts are slow, your words are quick
Like in one of those cartoons where it’s raining bricks

I need it to be slow
My brain tells it needs cigarettes and coffee
I’d wish to lay not to go

Please, please, please take me to the limbo
Please, please, please take me

Press restart maybe then it’s working better
Don’t swim or fight just let her
Figure it out, figure out the thing about words
Do they free yourself or do they hurt?
Track Name: Cocoon
Today I bought myself some persuasion
More expensive than I thought

It still lies in my pocket
And I try, try, try not to suspect

That it won’t work as I want it to
Just right in time

When I start to stagger
It’s supposed to hold me back

From blindly pounce the next free door
Because someone pointed at it

Without spending a single thought
On a reason for changing

It’s way too easy to change my mind
Who exactly does run mine

It’s that puppet on a string theme
But do I want to disconnect and leave

Homemade cocoon
Do you feel as comfy as I?
With the strait­jacket ‘round your brain
We got used to it
We are used by it

Snag, sing me song. Snag, sew me a good one. Snag, do not lose the line.
Track Name: Hidden Roof
My phone shows nine missed calls but I have to go on
All relevant things hided and this is so much fun
Can’t keep myself always, away from laughing
Only one of many days where my brain keeps sunbathing

Every single part of me wants to dance
Hands up high to the sun I’m a fan of everyone
And if it starts to rain I’ll take off my shoes
If someone’s asking for me I’m on the roof
Track Name: Rose
It’s getting late
Oh Lily Rose

Oh Lily Rose
Let me explain
You broke the bottle
You’ve lost the game
Watch the clouds
Above our heads
It’s getting late
You got two dads
Oh Lily Rose
Just let me say
Now it’s time
Forgot to play
Feel the air
In your lungs
It’s time for bed
I’m not your mom

I can feel that you’re angry
Now I have to do some laundry
Let me go. Let me go. Let me go. Let me go.
Tomorrow I’ll answer all your questions.
Track Name: Move
Need another rhythm in my head
Need another drink in my hand
Need a new idea for my brand
Need another floor or ground to stand

Need a new beginning to start
Need an inspiration for my art
Need another one to be my life guard
Need another place to be apart

Need another sheet to write
Need another enemy to fight
Need another declaration for my rights
Need another sun to be my light

Far away is calling
Now it’s time for falling
Count the seconds. 3 2 1.
And go, go, go...
Track Name: Effect of the Motte
Spürst du die grellen Lichter?
Siehst du das Hoch und das Tief?
Direkt vor dir steht die Leere
Und vor dem Fall kommt der Sprung
Solang das Licht brennt, solang das Licht brennt
Schließ ich die Augen, schließ ich die Augen
Weil es zu hell ist, weil es zu hell ist
Durch dich zu sehen, durch dich zu sehen
See the million lights
Feel the depths and the heights
In front of you an empty hall
You gotta jump or you're going to fall
If the light is on, if the light is on
I have to close my eyes, I have to close my eyes
'Cause it's not dark enough, it's not dark enough
To see through you, to see through you
Track Name: Superman
Red chairs fall from the sky

Might be wrong

You know I got that costume in my closet
And when I wear it, it helps me to forget
That I’m vulnerable
And that I’m weak
That I’m vulnerable
And that I’m weak

So let me be
Let me be
Let me be
Let me be
Let me be

Let me be your Superman

I’m the Invincible
I got my principles
Track Name: Black Square
Black squares on white ground
It scares me that you look so profound

No I don’t care, I don’t
No I don’t care, I don’t care

Open the doors of yours
Open the doors of yours

I didn’t work (out) the way you wanted me to
Track Name: Gold
Your path is platinum
With an alley of cypresses
Trumpets are playing
The rabbit wears a dress

Acclaimed. Beloved.
Welcomed everywhere
Contested. Like a soldier.
Well known throughout the atmosphere.

And everything you touch must turn golden
Your surface’s lying there unfolded